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Two attorneys on each case – no other law firm in Northeastern North Carolina offers this level of DWI representation. Our firm is different in that both of our attorneys work on every DWI case in our office. Danny Glover, Jr. meets personally with each client to discuss the case in detail, and then he reviews all of the court records, officer reports, and other important documents to determine what motions and objections need to be filed to fight the case. Keith Teague, one of the most experienced DWI trial attorneys in North Carolina then handles all of the cases in the courtroom.

Consequences of a DWI

D.W.I. convictions can have serious consequences, including prison or jail time, probation, loss of driver’s license, increased insurance rates, a criminal record, fines, community service, ignition interlock devices and possibly the forfeiture of your vehicle. A D.W.I. can also harm your livelihood and your eligibility for a CDL.  If you or a loved one has been charged with a D.W.I., call our office today at 888-761-9497 to set an appointment to speak to one of our experienced D.W.I. lawyers. There is no charge for your initial consultation.

The law firm of Teague & Glover, P.A, has been representing people charged with D.W.I. in State and Federal Court in northeastern North Carolina for over 30 years. We handle D.W.I.s in northeastern North Carolina, including Elizabeth City, Kitty Hawk, Nags Head, Corolla, Duck, Gates County, Kill Devil Hills, Manteo, Hertford, Edenton, Camden, Currituck County and all of the Outer Banks. Before he was a criminal defense attorney, our main D.W.I. attorney, Keith Teague, was a prosecutor in northeastern North Carolina and prosecuted numerous D.W.I. cases. Since 1981 Keith Teague has defended thousands of people charged with D.W.I. in this part of the state.

Our Experienced DWI Lawyers Can Help You

Both of our D.W.I. attorneys have been certified as administrators of the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, so our D.W.I. lawyers can determine whether officers properly administer those tests during the arrest process. Our firm also owns and is intimately familiar with the operation and regulations and requirements for the portable breath test device used by most North Carolina law enforcement officers, the Alco-Sensor.

Attorney Danny Glover, Jr. has also been a featured speaker at continuing legal education seminars on D.W.I. laws and procedures for the North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ). He was also a founding member of the DWI Task Force of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, and has been published numerous times by the NCAJ on the topic of North Carolina D.W.I. vehicle seizures and other D.W.I. topics.

If you have been charged with a D.W.I., please call our office today at 888-761-9497 to set an appointment to speak to one of our experienced criminal lawyers. Or, you can submit your information to our D.W.I. lawyers by clicking here: online form. There is no charge for your initial attorney consultation.


North Carolina D.W.I. Laws

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